SHHH! I’M SLEEPING book review


Shhh! I’m Sleeping (a delightful board book)

by Dorothee De Monfrei
Gecko Press, 2016

It’s lights out for the eight animals sleeping in 2 bunk beds, each one four beds tall. Think back to camp or anytime you’ve slept in a room full of people–some go right to sleep and others can’t quite get there right away, and how much fun it can be to share a room. The story happens in the pictures and dialogue between the eight. “Are you asleep?” “Shhh” “Will you read me a story?” This leads to more talking, more questions, and sharing beds until everyone but one is in one of the top bunks for the story. It’s a fun ending which I won’t spoil for you.

Tall in size to accomodate the bunk beds, this sturdy board book will appeal to preschoolers. The characters are cartoon-like cute and though there are several to keep track of, each has a personality of its own.

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