The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan: A Blueprint for Reviewing Your Child’s Confidence and Love of Learning by Ben Foss

Not only is Ben Foss 1) the founder of an organization for the dyslexic community called Headstrong Nation, 2) the inventor of  the Intel Reader which essentially takes photos of print and reads it back to you, and 3) the co-founder of a venture capital firm that invests in dyslexic entrepreneurs, but he is dyslexic himself.  His very life and what he tells us about himself in this book disproves Myth #9 in the chapter “Discard the Myth” that being dyslexic means you are stupid or lazy.

This comprehensive handbook on how to help your child succeed with a disability embraces dyslexia, helps you identify your child’s strengths, encourages children to dream big, identifies accommodation that might be needed, reminds children and parents that they are not alone but part of a community, and assures parents that their child is not broken. If you are not sure what dyslexia is or what it looks like at different ages and stages, then this book is for you, too.

Foss  proves in his life that one can be highly successful, literate, and inventive with dyslexia and his empowerment plan shows parents how to help their children be all they can dream to be. Well done!  Ballantine, 2013.

Other Reviews:

“A passionate and well-articulated guide that puts to rest the idea that dyslexic people are unintelligent . . . This extremely practical and motivational book will be welcomed by parents of dyslexic children.”Publishers Weekly(starred review)

“I study dyslexia in the lab and am a parent of a wonderful daughter who fits this profile. Ben Foss’s book should be considered essential to any collection on the subject. It was extremely useful, especially for a mom. Thank you!”—Maria Luisa Gorno Tempini, M.D., Ph.D., professor of neurology, UCSF, Memory and Aging Center